Sponsor a Horse

Horses sometimes come to Racer Placers who are not likely candidates for adoption, either because of age or because although they are comfortable in a pasture situation, they are not able to be ridden or driven.  Most of these horses could be nice pasture pals, but we recognize that today there is simply not much call for pasture pals.

On average, it costs $100 per month to feed and care for a horse.  Of course, this does not take into account overhead.  Racer Placers currently has 6 horses who we consider “residents”, and 3 others that we know will be with us longer term.   Below you will find a picture and description of each horse.  If you would like to be a part of contributing to any of these horses well-being, we invite you to “sponsor” a horse.  Our basic sponsor fee is $20 per month, but of course, you may give more than that if you care to.

To make a one-time donation or to give a different amount, click the button below.

Fox Valley Viper

As far as becoming a race horse, Fox Valley Viper entered the world with the cards stacked against him.  Born breeched, his hind legs had to be in casts for the first few months of his life.  As he was nearing two years old, he began knuckling over on his right front.   As it became more obvious that this very sweet gelding was not going to make it to the track, he came to Racer Placers to give him time to mature and learn to be a nice pleasure horse. Our wonderful veterinarian,  Doctor Johnson, performed surgery on the tendon in his right front leg, he was shod with an egg bar shoe, and 10 weeks later, the shoe is off,  he no longer knuckles over, the leg is beginning to look quite normal, and Viper is learning  ground manners!

He is a very big two year old at 16.3 hands, and big boned, also.  He loves attention, loves people, is not spooky, and in time is going to be a wonderful pleasure horse.  It will be some time before Viper is available for adoption and in the meantime, he would love to have a sponsor!

Update: October 2018: 

Viper continues to be his sweet, lovable self.  He has shown us that driving is no big deal. 🙂 So, his exercise now involves a few short drives each week.  Since we know he will be with us for some time, he would appreciate your joining in sponsoring him.