Lexi Sparks (Hip Shaken Mama)




Hello! Hip Shaken Mama wanted to send her first update to you all!!!

7-2-18: Well it's been one whole week since my new bestie came and picked me up from the Racer Placer pastures and what week I've had. My first day or 2 home were pretty uneventful... Mom brushed me and braided my hair and just bonded with me; it was wonderful! Then mom noticed I wasn't drinking like I should of been so she called the vet to see if they had any tricks. My mom tried them all but with the dang heat & humidity and coming to a new home with different water and new friends looking at me from across the lane... I just wasn't thirsty which in return caused me to get a bad belly ache. My mom came out every little bit even through the night to check on me and encourage me to drink but ya know the saying... You can lead a horse to water but you can't make her drink! Fast forward another couple days like Friday noon.... My belly ache turned into a mild colic case but my mom had been watching me like a hawk and caught it super early. She had talked to the vet 2 separate times already so we made it a 3rd time and they talked about coming out and tubing me if I didn't start drinking or poop soon! So in the 105°F heat index my new mama and I bonded even more as we walked for 3 hours up and down the road and around the property in the blistering sun. 🌞 After 3 hours.... I pooped which my mom got SO excited just to see me poop! 💩 Crazy I know. After I pooped I was finally thirsty and I took a big drink! My appetite came back as well. The weather was still hot but my belly was starting to feel better! Fast forward to today and it's so much cooler and I feel like a new women!
I'm told that this weekend my new roommate will be moving in! I hear he's a bachelor that a came from you a few year ago... Danny! As long as he cleans up after himself and does house work we will get along just fine! 😉
Also, I wanted to share that my previous owner who donated me to racer placer's got in contact with my mom this week too! That Nona is such a nice lady to share my mom's contact info! They are looking forward to staying in touch!
One last thing I wanted to share with you all! When I was at Racer Placer you all knew me as Spark Plug or Sparky.... Well, that name just didn't fit me anymore. So I have a new name and that is Lexi Sparks or Lexi! I absolutely love my new name and I even am coming right to the gate as soon as mom yells for me! Even my previous owner liked it and agreed that Spark Plug didn't fit me anymore! 😊
I hope all is well and I look forward to sending lots of updates as time goes on!!! Take care!
💓Lexi Sparks💓
PS- Sorry I look like a donkey in some of my pictures! It's hard work to keep them ears forward and not in my mellow/relaxed state of comfort!
Thank you Lacy, for adopting for the second time from Racer Placers!