Joe Mar Dean

I adopted Joe Mar Dean in December of 2017, I was originally looking for a 15 hand-ish mare‚Ķ.but Joe ( a 16.1 hand gelding) won my heart with his super soft eyes and very sweet and calm demeanor.  In the time I have had Joe we have definitely bonded and he has shown himself to be a fantastic partner.  He lives at home with us and shares his space with a mini horse, a Peruvian Paso, and a pygmy goat, all of which he gets along with and loves to play with.  Joe and I like to go for walks together and mosey around the farm but our absolute favorite thing is to ride the trails in the Northern Kettles.  His long legs eat up those miles and I can see how happy being out there makes him.  We took him horse camping for the first time this spring and he did great.  Settled in just fine and had fun checking out all the sights.  Best thing about Joe is his brain, he takes great care of my 13 year old son and 11 year old nephew and seems to understand he needs to be more careful when they are up on him.  I am so glad LeAnn and Jessica insisted I meet Joe and that I put aside my reservations against his size, he is the horse I have always dreamed of and I am so glad Racer Placers was there for him when he finished his racing career.  I have attached a few pics.  Thanks again for all you do Racer Placers!!