Happy Endings

If you would like to feature your adopted horse from Racer Placers, please contact us by sending an email to the webmaster, Cyrene@UncagedBooks.com or to racerplacersinc@gmail.com.  Showing the potential of these wonderful and versatile horses can change their lives with a new forever home.

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Remy (Rembrandt)
Standardbred Gelding
Adopted: 2016

Anastasia & Swagger
Anastasia : Morgan Cross Mare
Swagger: Standardbred Mare
Adopted: 2016 & 2017

Bubba & Noelle
Bubba: Standardbred Gelding
Noelle: Red Dun Quarter Horse

Bea (Blissful Beauty)
Standardbred Mare
Adopted: 2017

Hackney Gelding
Adopted: 2015

Cookie (Bake Sale)
Standardbred Mare
Adopted: 2016

Jack (JHS)
Standardbred Gelding
Adopted: October, 2016

Buck (Sunbeau Buckshot)
Standardbred Gelding
Adopted: 2009


Lexi Sparks (Hip Shaken Mama)
Standardbred Mare
Adopted: 2018