Happy Endings: Remy

Update on Remy who was adopted in 2016…

“He is doing well, and continues to be a complete joy to me. He is an excellent trail horse, after a bit of time put in this past spring on the trails. He just needed some exposure to trails. I truly think he really enjoys the trails, and seeing different surroundings. I ride at a walk, and an occasional comfortable pace.┬áHe loads into the trailer and hauls well. He seems very calm in the trailer, and patiently waits for me to unload him. I have discovered he ADORES children, and is kind, patient, and very careful around them.

Remy is also my search and rescue horse with the Whitewater Area Mounted Search and Rescue Team. We did monthly mock searches, and did very well. On his first search, he was the one who ‘hit” on the mock victim hiding
in the brush off a trail. He was in the 2017 4th of July parade in Whitewater, and did awesome. He was also at the 2017 Walworth County National Night Out. He even stayed reasonably calm when the “Flight for Life” helicopter landed.

Thank you for all you do!! You saved so many horses similar to Remy, that give so much joy to people. And, the horses have a good life they well deserve after the hardships they have had. I have no doubt Remy knows he was rescued, and is such a good horse because of all you did, and he knows he is in a safe home with someone who loves him to the moon and back.”

Thank you Candi for adopting from Racer Placers!