Dragon Trap

Name: Dragon Trap (Trapper)
Gender: Gelding
Age: 16 yrs.
Breed: Standardbred
Size: 16.2hh

Trapper is a very good driving horse with good manners.  He is all business, and although he is very sweet and willing, he is content to work and then go back to his pasture friends.  He tends to be a bit dominant in a herd.  He is a very easy keeper.

Update, May 2020: After Spring vet work and xrays, we’ve determined that Trapper will remain at Racer Placers as a Sanctuary horse. Trapper came to Racer Placers several years ago, with an injury to his knee. Even though he’s a nice driving horse, we feel consistent work will be uncomfortable for him. As of now, he is comfortable in a pasture situation and will remain here at Racer Placers.