Update on Danny

We adopted Danny back in Nov of 2015 already for our daughter who was 5 y/o at the time and for our up and coming 2 year old son! We were just looking for a nice quiet riding horse for her to learn and grow on but we got all that and a whole lot more… I will let Danny tell you about himself in his own words below!


Thought I would send a few pictures of what I (Danny the magnificent) have been up to here in Weyauwega! First- mom has (aka Lacy) has been doing lots of ground driving to get me back in the swing of things… Hopefully mom will be hitching me to my cart by the  this weekend! Second- Mallex (one of the littles that love on me) riding me to the end of the driveway to get picked up by his school bus! I’m doing wonderful and enjoying every minute of it! The older girl here on the farm (Kya) has been doing lots of riding and I listen to all her secrets and I never tell a soul!! I also noticed last year that my family added another little girl to the family… (Hayla) I have not done much ride giving’s to her but I stand as still as I can when she comes up to me and I even gave her a kiss in the hair!! Hopefully this summer she can get a ride on my back or in the cart if mom has me ready by then! Which I think she will! (We are getting  really close to hooking my cart up!) Thank you for saving me Racer Placer’s! I’m sending my mommy your way in a couple of weeks for your fun day! Maybe there is another like me who would enjoy these yummy pastures and great kids at my home!! Hope you are all doing well down in the southern part of WI!


5-23-18 Update: Mom has been driving me almost daily (such a slave driver… Kidding) and let me just say it feels amazing! When mom adopted me she had no intentions on ever using any of my driving training & abilities but now I’m able to give rides both on my back and in the cart to all in my family!! She even joined a local driving club 2 years ago which many of the members have helped her get me up and going! I’m still learning that I don’t have to get in the cart and go 10 miles without stopping like I probably did with my old Amish owners! (Mom says I’m getting so much better!) I have been able to check out the trails around home too and coming up in June I’m going  to Mom’s friends house to the “big test” trail drive… whatever that means! Mom been bringing all these things to try and scare me so that I’m prepared for whatever comes my way but so far nothing phases me! Not even the fire alarms, 4 wheelers, shooting guns, squeaky dog toys, tarps and pool noodles! I know that she’d never let me get hurt with any of these crazy toys and objects she makes me walk through, over and around!  Thanks Racer Placers & Nancy for taking a lil fella like me in along with the other standardbreds in my auction lot on the east coast!!  Well, I better get back to munching on this delicious green grass!  Happy trails!!


PS: I will have mom send lots of pictures of me with this Horse-mail!!

Hello again everyone… It’s me Danny Boy! So I in my last update I shared about how my mom and I were preparing for this big trail drive at her friends house with lots of other equine friends. Well, I blew my mom’s socks off and I was great! I passed that test with flying colors! Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy! At first I wasn’t sure about all those jingley bells… Who needs them loud things anyways? But after a few passes by them it was no longer a problem and I was cool, calm and collected! We drove over hundreds of acres for over 3 hours! We saw lots of deer, turkeys, birds, squirrels and butterflies! We went up really steep hills but then that meant we also had to go down them on the other side! Let me tell ya I’m no spring chicken anymore but I kept right up to the big boys like the best of them! Well, I better get going mom’s giving me the day off today and I’m gonna enjoy every moment of it! Sunbathing is definitely in the cards!

Thank you for adopting and giving Danny a wonderful life!