Bea (Blissfull Beauty)

Update on Bea (Blissful Beauty)

We (Cody and Jamie Bronk) adopted Blissful Beauty, we just call her ‘Bea’ , December 2017.

She is doing fantastic. Getting on well with her two pasturemates. Her and our gelding, have assumed parenting duties, over our now yearling, pony filly, Carlie. She loves going out for trail rides. All the new sights and sounds. “What is that?” A rock. “What about this?” A chipmunk. “And this?” A log.

Every new path, a new adventure. Never wary. Always curious. She loves kids, and is always gentle.

She is a big girl, and has an even bigger personality. We love her, Dearly.

Thank for allowing us the opportunity, to add her to our Clan.

Thank you to the Bronk family for adopting!