Anastasia and Swagger

Update on Anastasia & Swagger, both adopted by the same adopter.

“I can’t thank Racer Placers enough for both of my girls. Anastasia came courtesy of Nancy Shaffer who rescued her from a kill pen on the east coast and sent to Racer Placers for a better future. She has turned out to be a perfect fit for us. My daughter, Katie, was only a beginner rider, and Ana has taught her so much. Anastasia came to us almost bomb-proof, perfect horse to teach a newer rider. This summer, she will be a family lesson horse to my young nieces. Other than that, we ride her a few times a week, and mostly just to go on leisurely trails.

Swagger (Check My Swagger) came to us a few months later. She is very forward but has completely mellowed out since she’s found her home. She nickers everytime I leave the house and will canter up to the gate when I go out to see her. She’s already learning how to neck rein, and imagine my reaction to finding that she naturally gaits. Even though I have discovered a soft jog with her, the gait is a lot of fun. She loves going out on the trails around our home, and doesn’t even mind our small arena any longer.

Both horses get along well but are not overly buddy sour. They are pastured with three goats, and have accepted their ragtag team as part of their herd, and I couldn’t be happier. My thanks go to Racer Placers for going the extra mile for Anastasia, and making this a wonderful process for both horses and us. Both horses have found their forever homes.”  ~Cyrene