Adopted – Star’s Wrecking Ball, aka Galena


This beautiful 3 year old filly, Star’s Wrecking Ball, aka Galena came in from Iowa only a week ago from the tracks. A pre-approved adopter came out immediately to meet her and they were a perfect match! Vicki used to work with the Elkhorn race track, and wanted to find a nice driving horse that wasn’t too huge. Galena is the perfect match, and it didn’t hurt that they both seemed to be taken with each other. So before we could even get Galena on the website, she was adopted. We wish Galena and Vicki many wonderful years together as a team.

This also shows the benefits of being a pre-approved adopter. Horses can come in at any time and if you are pre-approved and Racer Placers knows what you are looking for, you may get a chance before the horse ever goes public on the site. You must be pre-approved to meet any of the Racer Placers horses, so make sure to download and fill out an application!