Adopted – Sherb’s Gift aka Herbie


Herbie has been adopted! We all knew that this very sweet Standardbred would easily find his forever home, but we didn’t have any idea how fate would intervene! Herbie’s sire is Jet Laag, and his grandfather is Laag, both famous in the racing world. Herbie’s adopter, Colleen, also owned Herbie’s uncle – brother to Jet Laag, whom she purchased right off a kill truck in a McDonald’s parking lot! She had him for the rest of his life, and fate seemed to be smiling down on Herbie, when his new person came to take him home. We at Racer Placers believe that fate had a hand in bringing Herbie to us so that they could find each other. A great story, a great horse, a great adopter and a great ending. Be happy Colleen and Herbie!