Adopted – Flag Dale Road


Flag Dale Road went to his new forever home this weekend! Dale’s road in life to his new home was both heartbreaking and inspiring. After his track career ended, he was purchased as a working road horse by the Amish. During this time, he was traded around several times and worked so hard, his life looked bleak when he ended up in a slaughter sale on the east coast.

He was spotted by Nancy Shaffer, who bought him and shipped him to Racer Placers, where he would begin his rehabilitation. After a year with Racer Placers, with regular feed, rest, farrier and vet work, Flag Dale Road transformed into a very handsome horse.

And watching his progress from afar, was a lady named Jennifer in Minnesota. After spending some quality time with Dale, she adopted him and he has a new home at a place called “All Seasons Equine Country Club”. With a nice pasture, a heated barn in the winter and a girl who loves him, Dale got the home that he earned and deserved. And when Jennifer came back down to finalize his adoption, he remembered her.

Jennifer promises to send new pictures of Dale in his new home with his Happy Ending, but until then, congratulations to both Jennifer and Flag Dale Road. Many thanks to Nancy Shaffer for the save. Adoptions and saves like this is why Racer Placers keeps doing what they do.

Be happy Jennifer and Dale!!


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