Located in the rolling hills of Southeastern Wisconsin on the Brattset Family Farm, Racer Placers cares for approximately twenty horses at any given time. Incoming horses are usually given several weeks of pasture turn out to let them enjoy some rest and relaxation, then saddle and/or pleasure driving training is begun.

Brattset Family Farm

Standardbred horses are well known for their kind dispositions, great versatility and trainability. Having been exposed to all manner of noise and excitement at the tracks, they are usually very matter-of-fact about new environments and experiences, making them ideal family horses. Standardbred horses vary in size from 14 hands to 17+ hands, are most commonly bay (though black is not uncommon and gray horses are occasionally seen) and race either at the pace or trot. Many will naturally perform a “walking” gait under saddle, not unlike that of a Tennessee Walking Horse.






We are pleased to announce that Racer Placers has received a $6,500 grant in 2019 from the ASPCA for the Rescuing Racers Initiative: Training for Retired Standardbreds.

These grants help us continue to find great homes for great horses. Thank you ASPCA!